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Several years ago, my mum moved her laminitic horses into the stables beside our workshops. I was led to believe this was to make it easier for her to enjoy a better work life balance. I very quickly realised I was wrong, and that she had only moved them there in order to punish me for my childhood indiscretions by making me soak a seemingly endless amount of haynets every day!! After a winter spent hauling haynets out of tubs of water that make the arctic ocean look like a hot tub, i decided that enough was enough and she could do it herself. After listening to my rather poorly thought out reasons as to why i couldn't soak her haynets for her anymore, she told me that i had three options. 

1. I carry on doing it until they discover a cure for laminitis.
2. I create an easier way of soaking hay. 
3. Or I get a clip round the ear every day i don't soak her hay, and i am no longer welcome at my parents house for sunday roast. It was clear that something had to be done, and out of my love for Roast Potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding, the Easisoak was born.

Present your Easisoak at the perfect height

Our Price:£60.00

The ultimate Hay net filling aid.

Our Price:£49.50

Taking the strain out of soaking your hay

Our Price:£475.00

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